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Inter Library Exchange
(some people might call this a link page)

This page last updated on 02/04/2002

Inclusion of merchant sites on this page does not imply any endorsement of their products or services. 

Rapier Links

Caids Rapier Page
The official site of the Kingdom Rapier Marshal for Caid. This site contain rules, practice info, and any nes related to rapier in the SCA Kingdom of Caid.

Donna Arabella da Siena's Useful Sites for Rapier
This site contains a great number of useful rapier links.

Celestia's Tavern 
This site contains news and information about Rapier in the Barony of Gyldenholt and for the Kingdom of Caid as a whole. This is a good place to find practice listings and event announcements

The Thorny Ivy
Another Tavern, this one owed by Don Giovanni di Fiamma, the Deputy Society Marshal for Fence. This tavern serves as a meeting place that contains links to merchants and instructional sites.

Rapier and Dagger Stage Combat
A Yahoo club for theatrical rapier combat and historical recreation groups using the rapier. A different view of what we do. But, they welcome SCA fencers as well.

Archery Links

Horse Bows
This merchant site sells Hun, Mongol and Magyar style bows imported from Hungary by his Excellency Giles Devon, Baron of Jararvellir.

Forge Links

Ron Reil's Page
Ron keeps a page loaded with home made forge and burner designs. The forge I am building will use Ron's burner and choke patterns.

Flying Horse Forge
Master Damales of Caid, maintains a web page that amongst other things shows off some of his fine forge work.
This internet retailer carries supplies for the ceramic artist. However, amongst those supplies are the refractory materials needed to build your own forge.

Master Atar is a well respected SCA and professional bladesmith. He has written a number of books on the subject and has a doctorate in metallurgy. You can view his work, buy his knives and swords and meet the man on his site.

Oso Forge
Master Atar's former student and know a master in his own right. Master Oso has been one of my teachers and a friend. Master Oso is a SCA and professional bladesmith, known for his superb blend of blade and fittings. You can view and purchase his work here.

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