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The Bellowing Breeze By THL Njall Olaf Hagerson


Projection, Or The Art Of Making Yourself Heard


††††††††††††††† Last month I asked, no, begged for people to come out and volunteer to be field heralds. This month Iíll try to help to help all those new volunteers get out on the field and make themselves heard.

††††††††††††††† Projection is the term we use for the technique that allows you to be heard while not straining your voice. If you project properly, your voice will last much longer and you will be more likely to be heard. Many heralds are already using projection techniques, but still others are not. It would take more then just an article to teach people how to always project properly. So what I intend to offer here is Advice and Tricks to help you and your voice last through a day of field heraldry. This is not intended to replace the field heraldry class offered at collegiums. If you get a chance, please take that class, which will not only teach you the heraldic forms used, but to project as well.

††††††††††††††† Drink plenty of fluids. The constant use of your voice will dry the throat out. A dry throat is prone to stress injury (that loss of voice or raspy voice at the end of the day). Drinking plenty of fluids will protect your throat and allow you to use your voice longer. If you donít keep your throat well moistened, then all the protection tricks in the world will not help.

††††††††††††††† Stand straight and speak over the cards. I have seen any number of heralds look down at cards held in their hand while speaking. This does two things. First it closes off the throat and second it points the sound of your voice straight at the ground.Instead, stand straight and hold the cards out at about shoulder height. Then point your voice over the cards, while just looking down at the cards with your eyes.

††††††††††††††† Donít yell. When you ďyellĒ, you are using your lungs and throat to power your voice. That means your throat is working too hard and will not last the day. When you yell, you also waste a great deal of power in creating ďsideĒ frequencies. If you project a pure tone, all your vocal power goes into creating that tone, none is wasted. However, try not to make the announcement in a ďsing songĒ voice either.

††††††††††††††† And last, but most definitely not least, project with the diaphragm. The muscles of your diaphragm are used to inflate and deflate your lungs. These muscles are the number one secret to projection. These muscles are located below the rib cage. This is something that is best taught in person. If you know any trained singers or actors, they can show you what I mean. Or if you can meet up with me at an event, Iíll show you what Iím talking about. Just know where your diaphragm muscles are, and dress so that you donít restrict their use.

††††††††††††††† Next month Iíll look at the heraldic forms used on the field. Until then I hope to see many new faces on the field at the upcoming events.