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The Bellowing Breeze


THL Njall Olaf Hagerson


The field herald as traffic cop



††††††††††††††† Last month I spoke about projection. The month before I spoke about the need for volunteers to be field heralds. So now that I have a whole bunch of volunteers, that know how to project, I guess it is time to tell you what the job is. A field herald is a traffic cop. Your most important job is to keep the lists moving. Now, donít get me wrong. Part of the job is also the pageantry. Thatís why we have a special litany for the final round of Crown Tournament and Queens Champion Lists. But first and foremost, it is your job as a field herald to get the fighters on the field in a timely fashion.

††††††††††††††† When you volunteer to be a field herald, you will be loaned a baldric or tabard. You will also be given a heraldic cheat sheet. This cheat sheet will contain the litany used by field heralds in this kingdom. Once you have called the second or third combat on a field, you will most likely not need the cheat sheet any more. Being a field herald really is that simple!

††††††††††††††† When it is your turn to work a round, take the field as soon as you hear another herald start to call the order of combat (O.C.) for your round. When the O.C. herald gets to your field, listen as he or she reads the names for your field. The hardest part about being a field herald is some of the names you will be asked to say, at the top of your voice. As you are calling the fighters to the field, do the best you can, with the names on the card. Even if you butcher a name (I still do to this day), most fighters will gently correct how you say their name. And if you still canít get the name right, most will accept that with good graces. At some point you will come to a name you just canít get, no matter what. Do you best and move on.

††††††††††††††† Ok, so you are on the field, you have a baldric, cheat sheet, lists cards and a pen or pencil (did I forget to mention that you need something to write with? Yes!). Now we come back around to the first point. Your number one job is to move lists along. So, donít mix up the cards. Work with the marshals on your field. And last, make your loudest calls the ones to ďarm and to the fieldĒ and to ďarm and stand readyĒ

††††††††††††††† Obviously I canít teach the entire field heraldry class in this column. So come out to a tourney and ask to work a field and we will train you on the job. Next month Iíll talk about the ceremonies for the final rounds of major events.