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    While seated in your local tavern, you see a tall middle aged Don enter and approach one of the support posts. He reaches into his pouch and pulls out a sheet of parchment, a tack and a small hammer. You realize he is posting some sort of bill as he tacks the parchment to the post. As he turns to leave you realize you have seen him post a similar bill in taverns all over the area. Intrigued, you stroll over and read that which he has posted. It reads as fallows........

Good Lords and Ladies

     Whereas the Shire of Heatherwyne has always supported the art of rapier. And whereas the Shire has no rapier practice of it's own. Some few members of the Order of the White Scarf of Caid, and other active fighters in Caid's rapier community have offered to supply instruction and marshals, so that the rapier fighters of Heatherwyne shall be able to start a practice of their own.
     To this end let all interested parties assemble for practice between the hours of 7:00 and 9:00 on the first and third Thursday evenings of each month, in the Shire of Heatherwyne. Let the place of assembly be Upland Memorial Park, in the small hamlet of Upland, Caid.  To reach the assembly site, travel to the King's highway number 10 in the hamlet of Upland. You shall be between the King's highways 57 and 15. Take the Euclid Ave turn off, towards the north. Turn right at the path called Foothill Blvd. Travel down this path for some three miles. The Park shall be on your right behind a merchant with a sign that states they are the Gretzky skating center???. If you reach the cross roads of Foothill and Grove, you have traveled too far. The practice area will be in the north/western areae of the park, next to the canons at the main entrence.

At the bottom of the bill you see a signature. It reads....................

Njall Olaf Hagerson

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