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Hagerson Forge

Demo Report

Medieval Market Place


    On Saturday November 29th, 2003, in Upland Memorial Park, the SCA's Shire of Heatherwyne in the Kingdom of Caid, held a brand new type of event. This event was called the Medieval Market Place and was intended as a day of shopping late in the year, when Christmas and 12th Night are fast approaching. Held the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, the idea was to provide a low pressure experience amongst friends on what is normally one of the busiest and most stressful shopping days of the year.

    In addition to shopping the plan called for some low stakes SCA combat along with art demos. To that end I took my forge to the event, while my wife set-up her amber booth. My forge was one of two at the event. And in addition to my self working in my forge area, The SCA's Master Oso (Tony Lemon of Oso Forge) spent some time at my forge running a blade forging demonstration.

    For my part I worked on a small pattern welded blacksmiths knife that I completed that day. The photos below show me working on the grinder after having forged the blade to shape. Having this small belt grinder allows me take a  projects from start to finish at such demos.

m_market1.jpg (77407 bytes)
Blacksmith and Farrier, Dan
 Scheid looks on while I flat
 grind the blade
m_market2.jpg (78183 bytes)
Blacksmith and Farrier, Dan
 Scheid looks on while I flat
 grind the blade
m_market3.jpg (85971 bytes)
Discussing the blade taper
with my knife making teacher,
 Tony Lemon

    The day it's self was beautiful. The demos all went very well. Both mine and Tony's demos were very well attended. Several SCA members as well as people see this for the very first time, stopped and watch what was going on. Many good questions were asked and answered. Even with all the set-up and demos I still had a much more relaxing day, then if I had spent it in a shopping mall. And I had the opportunity to do a little shopping myself as well as being able to spell my wife in her booth, so she could shop. I would like to thank Tony Lemon and Dan Scheid (Master Damalas in the SCA) for their help during the demos. And a big round of thanks to the people of Heatherwyne, who helped me load and unload all that gear. Without them I would not have had the energy to run demos most of the day. And last a special thanks to Lezlee Allison for the use of her photos.