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The New Shop Bench

This page last updated 02/04/2002

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    The goals in building this bench were simple. What I wanted was a small but stout bench. The small size was important from two perspectives. First it had to fit in my small shop. Second this bench will need to travel from time to time for forging demos. 

    However a small size conflicts with my other other goal. That being the need for a stout bench that would stand up to some heavy pounding via the post vise, or my swage block.  So heavy duty construction would have to make up for it's small size. (39x20 inches)


bench1.jpg (169739 bytes) Here's the over all bench. The table top is where most of the weight comes from. The top is constructed from 26 20" long 2x4's set edge up. These are held together by two rods of all-thread and wood glue. The top in then screwed down to the legs and frame.

bench3.jpg (110536 bytes) The post vise is attached to the top with dowel-pins. That way I can take it off as needed for easy transport (the bench and vise together, are too much for one person to move.).

bench2.jpg (52807 bytes) Here's a shot of the leg and frame detail. Each leg is a pair of 2x4's screwed and glued together. On 2x4 was cut 3.5" short, to make a solid joint with the frame rail. Any force applied to the table top gets transferred directly to the leg. There is no shearing force applied to the frame.

bench4.jpg (125084 bytes) A photo of the leg and brace detail. At a future point I may add a shelf on top of the brace. The self would add even more to the stability of the bench.


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