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Heraldic Cue Card

Text in Italics is to be spoken. Any other text is an instruction to the herald.


Start all calls with an opening attention-getter, like………..


“My Lords and Ladies”


Then call the next pair to the field.


“Will ____________ and _________ arm and to this field”


And immediately call the pair after that, if there is one…


“Will ____________ and __________ arm and stand ready”


Then once you have both fighters and the marshal has indicated they are ready, and you are not speaking over another herald, use your attention-getter and then say…


“In this, the ___ combat, of the __ round, __________ faces ________ in honorable combat”


Then lower your voice and direct the next bit at the fighters. Depending on the gender of the two fighters say………..


“My Lords” or “My Lord, My Lady” or “My Ladies”


“Please salute the Crown”


Wait while they do that, then…….


“Please salute the one who’s favor you bear”


Wait while they do that, then…………


“Please salute your honorable opponent.”


Wait one last time, then say while you exit the field………………….


“On your honors and at the marshals command, you may begin”


Once the combat is complete and you have made eye contact with the marshal, announce the victor


“Victory to ________________”


Then start over and call the next pair for combat if there are any more fights in the round on your field.