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Final Round Of Queens Champion, Heavy Lists


Prior to the entry of the combatants, a herald will announce how the final round will be conducted, based on the wishes of Their Majesties.


First Herald

Entering the field in the lead of the first combatantís procession.


In this the final round of Queens Champion Lists, now comes_________________ (fighterís full name and title), Bearing the arms (blazon)


Second Herald

After waiting for the first herald to finish, the second herald will lead off the second combatantís procession.


He/She shall be faced in honorable combat by_______________________ (fighterís full name and title), Bearing the arms (blazon)


Here pause until the both fightersí entourages are ready and then continue into the salutes. Unlike the salutes for the rest of the rounds, these are done in full voice.


Second Herald Continues


My Lords/Ladies/Lord and Lady please salute the crown of Caid, remembering that you are fighting for Her Majesties honor and that victory this day brings the joy and duty of upholding that honor.


First Herald


Salute the one whose favor you bear so they may know that their grace and noble bearing have no doubt inspired you this day.


Second Herald


Salute your worthy opponent so that they may know that they face a true and honorable knight/warrior of Caid.


The heralds and entourages will leave the field; once the field is clear and the fighters are ready the marshals will start the combat. For the final victory and/or each victory in a multi combat final, the herald that led in the victorious fighter should announce the victory.