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Final Round Of Queens Champion, Rapier Lists


Their Majesties and/or the fighters will determine the weapons forms to be used and how the finals shall be conducted, before the final round starts. Each fighter should enter the field with at least one person to act as a second. The herald should meet with both parties before finals, to make sure they know the details of this ceremony.



Into this, the final dual to determine the Queens Rapier Champion, now comes_________________ (fighter’s full name and title)



He/She shall be faced in honorable combat by_______________________ (fighter’s full name and title)


Here pause until the both fighters’ entourages are ready and then continue.


The seconds will now advance to negotiate the terms of the dual.


This is done in pantomime and will be kept brief. The negotiation will be acted out directly in front of the herald, so that he/she appears to know what has happened. After the seconds return to their entourage, the herald should then announce the terms of combat.


My Lords/Ladies/Lord and Lady please salute the crown of Caid, remembering that your actions upon this field are a reflection upon Her Majesties honor.



Salute the one whose favor you bear so they may know that their grace and noble bearing have no doubt inspired you this day.



Salute your worthy opponent so that they may know that they face a true and honorable dualist of Caid.


At this point the herald and the entourages should retire from the field as the fighter complete the process of arming up. If more then one combat is needed to determine the victor, the herald should announce each fights result, while the seconds rush out and change the fighter’s weapons if it is required.