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SCA Rapier Hilt Gallery

This page last updated 02/12/2002

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Hilts Made by the Author

hilt-1.jpg (66187 bytes) hilt-2.jpg (60648 bytes) pappen.jpg (55838 bytes)
Three ring swept hilt
Left handed swept hilt Pappenheimer hilt
3ring2.JPG (24580 bytes) pondard1.JPG (42193 bytes) dagger.JPG (256053 bytes) pappen2.jpg (183331 bytes)
Plain three ring 
swept hilt
Custom double
Dagger safe for
both epee and
schlager use.
The Request was
for a Light Weight

Hilts Made by Others

gordon1.JPG (291314 bytes) adihilt.jpg (228929 bytes)
Three Swept Hilt
Made in the Authors
shop by: Sean
Unique hilt Variant
Made in the Authors
Shop by: 
Ze'ev ben Ami

More hilts will be added in the future. If you would like your hilt added to this gallery, please send me an e-mail with a photo attached as a jpeg file. I will reserve the right to decide what to post and to resize photos if needed.

For more information Contact the Author via e-mail.