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Table Top Siege Engines

   This page last updated 02/04/2002

Photos and a report from the 12th Night Table Top Siege Engine Contest (2001)

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entries.JPG (310060 bytes) The contest was under promoted and only brought in three entries. But they were all very period engines.

shot1.JPG (280284 bytes) After the entries were measured to make sure they fit in the rules, They were shot. First for distance and then for accuracy. My first shot went very high!

shot2.JPG (294188 bytes) Unfortunately it didn't go very far.............

shot3.JPG (298893 bytes) The next entry (from Quinn's lady, whose name I forgot) went the second longest for distance and was the winner of the most accurate contest.

shot5.JPG (272159 bytes) The third entry (from THL Quinn Phelan) sent the marshmallow an amazing 32 yards to win the distance contest.

shot4.JPG (302935 bytes) Here's another shot showing Quinn getting ready to launch a marshmallow. His siege engine also took the prize for the most period appearing.

    All in all it was a fun contest. I fully plan on this being a regular event. However, After Quinn win a few more time, we may have to make he become a contest judge and not a competitor. So every one, start planning your siege engine for next year!

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