Knife Making Videos
Hagerson Forge
The Kelgin Custom Knife Makers Co-Op


These three videos were filmed by Ken and Paula Largin at the Kelgin Custom Knife Makers Co-Op. Each video includes a booklet covering the topic as well as the DVD. The DVD titles include......

Putting Handles on Pre-Made Blades and Restoring Old Knives

Making Knives From Old Band Saw Blades

Making Knives From Old Files

In partnership with the Kelgin Custom Knife Makers Co-Op, this video on making Patter Welded (sometimes called Damascus) Steel, was filmed in my work shop (Hagerson Forge) on very cold winter day. As with the other videos, this video also comes with an instruction booklet. The booklet covers the same material shown in the video. It also continues on to show how a knife made from your pattern welded bar, should be finished.

Patter Welding Made Simple with Scott Jaqua


Videos cost $25 each. Or if you buy the set of four, you pay $80, saving a total of twenty dollars or five dollars each.

Shipping for one or two videos (what fits in a small flat rate box) is $4.95.
Multiple flat rate boxes will be used to ship additional quantities.


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