Knife Related Links

This page last updated on 08/29/2006

    Here you will find links to other knife related sources on the web. Some are suppliers. Some are other makers (especially those that also offer tutorials). And other links are to knife clubs and forums.


Forge and Tool Links

Ron Reil's Page
Ron keeps a page loaded with home made forge and burner designs. The forge I built uses Ron's burner and choke patterns.
This internet retailer carries supplies for the ceramic artist. However, amongst those supplies are the refractory materials needed to build your own forge.

Other Knife Makers

Know as Master Atar in the SCA, Dr Jim Hrisoulas is a well respected SCA and professional bladesmith. He has written a number of books on the subject and has a doctorate in metallurgy. He has made presentation pieces for the State Department and his reproduction work can be found in museums the world over. You can view his work, buy his knives and swords and meet the man on his site. Jim has been a friend for many a year and is one of the reasons I'm trying my hand at the bladesmith's craft.

Oso Forge
Jim's former student and now a talented knife maker  in his own right. Tony Lemon (known as Master Osoin the SCA) has been one of my teachers and a friend. Tony is a SCA and professional bladesmith, known for his superb blend of blade and fittings. You can view and purchase the work of Tony and his brother Rocky, here.

Warner Custom Knives
Bob Warner is a knife maker I first met on the CKD Forums (link below). He is a very talented knife maker that is willing to share his knowledge with beginning makers. He offers a look at his knives, his tools and a series of tutorials on his web site. The plans for the electro etch machine I built, came from his site.

Knife Clubs and Forums

Southern California Blades
SC Blades is a knife collectors and makers club in southern California. They Are the Hosts of the the annual Knife Expo, knife show in Buena Park. Their meetings are held the first Tuesday evening of every month in the city of Lakewood CA.

Custom Knife Directory Forums
Formerly the CKD Forums, now the Custom Knife Community at the Knife Network Forums, are perhaps the most welcoming blade forums on the internet today. There are forums for collectors and makers alike. The people I have met in the makers areas are amongst the most sharing and professional knife makers I have ever corresponded with.

Other Organizations

At various times in this site you may have seen reference to an organization called the S.C.A. This organization is chartered to recreation of the medieval period in Western Europe. So far it has been the primary market for my work. Now the SCA is an all volunteer organization. And the level of historic accuracy varies greatly from person to person. Some are just into it for the sport of sword combat. However others go to great lengths to research and recreate medieval history and historic artifacts.