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Knife Show and Blacksmith Demo Reports

This page last modified 02/28/2005

    From time to time it is necessary to take this show on the road. In the past I have run demos and taught classes at SCA events around the Southwest. I have also done demos at other type of fairs and festivals. And just this year I displayed my wares at my first real professional knife show. On this page I will post photos and reports of these events. If you would like to talk to me about displaying, teaching or demonstrating the blacksmiths art at your event, please contact me at jaqua@centerlinewheels.com .


Knife Expo 05; Feb 25-27, 2005, Pasadena, CA: This was my second full blown show. This year I had a very good showing.

Knife Expo 04; Feb 20-22, 2004, Buena Park, CA: This was my first full blown professional knife show. It turned into a very good learning experience.

Medieval Market Place; Nov 29th,2003, Upland, CA: This SCA event was all about shopping! With a little fighting and a few art demos tossed it for good measure. It sure was a much choice then the shopping malls that weekend!

Festival of the Rose; Feb 2nd, 2002,Cal-Tech in Pasadena, CA: This  event was held to celebrate the arts in the SCA. The blacksmiths demo was one of many arts demos that day.