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General Rapier Documents

This page last changed on 02/04/2002

    This shelf will contain a wide range of tomes. Everything from historical texts and original research, to announcements and event reports may be found here. Check back often as more books get added to the shelf.


The Spanish Circle An examination of the mysteries, background and period use of the Spanish Circle also known as La Destreza. As researched by HL John James MacCrimmon. Used with permission of the author. Copyright John B. Smith, 2000AD

Event Reports

This section will contain reports and photos of past events. Pending are reports from Caid's Rapier Collegium, Heatherwyne Tug Boat Tourney and the Great Western War.


Heatherwyne Rapier Practice Announcement Time, date and directions to the shire of Heatherwyne's rapier practice in Upland, California.

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