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Current Knives For Sale

    If you are interested in any of the knives below, please contact me via email. I accept payments via PayPal. Or, I can give you a schedule of upcoming events that I will be at if you wish to see the knife firsthand before buthe knife firsthand before buying. All knives come with a padded canvas, fabric or vinyl storage case.

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Railroad spike art has been a staple of working blacksmiths for as long as there have been railroads. Making an artifact that still shows the basic shape of the spike says this was forged to shape. I use only legally collected "HC" railroad spikes. I use Super Quench in heat treating these spike knives to get the best possible performance out of this medium carbon steel.  Each knife is hand forged and is slightly different. Write for a photo of knives currently on hand. These are available with either a drop point hunter profile or as a curved or straight skinner profile.

None Currently On-hand, Reg Price $65 each

This is a Rail Road Spike Tomahawk.  A high polished Rail Road Spike head on a hickory handle finished with Danish Oil. Designed for throwing, the handle is angled back slightly from the axe edge. Allowing the heel or toe of the axe to stick solid, without the handle hitting the target face. This is one of two styles or Rail Road Spike axes I make.

None Currently On-hand, Reg Price $85

 These Blacksmith knives will continue to be a stock item for me. These are made from bits of pattern weld material left over from other jobs. Because they are forged to shape, the pattern will be somewhat random, no matter what I started with. Each knife starts as a piece of pattern weld, about .25"x.5"x3" and yields a finished knife about 5.5" to 6" long.

None Currently On-hand, Reg  Price$95 each


  Pattern Welded Tomahawk. A welded "bow tie" construction tomahawk head, done in pattern welded steel. The pattern weld is 40 layers of 1095 and nickel foil. So, it's about 80 layers where it is bent back on itself and welded to form the axe blade. The pattern weld is random pattern except at the edge of the blade. There, I added sort of a tooth or ladder style pattern while spreading the blade area out. The handle is hickory that's been finished with Danish oil.

Two available at $185 each


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