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The Armour Shelf

    This contains documents concerning the construction of armour. That will include both fabric and metal based armour for rapier combat. And, if a heavy weapons armour project should happen to be worked on in my shop, that will be documented as well.

The self last modified 09/18/2003

The Helmet Project This book will document the process by which light weight reproduction helms are made legal for SCA Rapier combat. This first volume addresses general issues and the conversion of a combed morion.

The Helmet Project (part 2) The second volume book will document the process by which a Burgonet is made legal for SCA Rapier combat.

Basic Rapier Armour Construction (this tome on order) This document will consist of the class notes from my wife's (The Honorable Lady Allesaundra de Crosthwaite) collegium class.

Rapier Armour Picture Gallery (this work on order) This is a picture book, suitable for display on a coffee table (sorry this is a reference work and may not be checked out.)

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