You walk around the bend and come upon a strange building with a sign that reads.................

Don Njall Olaf Hagerson's

S.C.A. Library

You step inside and are met by a tall balding middle aged Don, busy at work.......

"Welcome, welcome, welcome. Pardon the mess, but as you can no doubt see, things are still under construction around here. I'm in the process of stocking the shelves, so they are still far from full. I plan to fill these shelves with any number of fine manuals on the noble arts of archery, rapier and other S.C.A. resources. The library will contain sections on all sorts of  subjects. New shelves will be opened as soon as the tomes are sorted and put in place. 

You look at the shelves and see they have small brass placards. You make a note of the shelves and what they do or do not contain as of yet............

Site Last Updated 03/18/2004

New Arrivals Shelf (check here to see what the latest update to the shelves is)

General Rapier Documents (Rapier Announcements, Event Reports and Historical Research )

Rapier Fashions and Armour (Documents on armour construction along with a photo gallery.)

Rapier Hilts (SCA and period hilt photos, How to build a hilt for SCA Rapier)

Misc. Rapier Equipment (Empty Shelf)

General Archery Documents (Empty Shelf)

Archery Equipment (Featuring an equipment gallery and how-to articles)

Siege Engines (SCA and period siege engine resources)

The Forge Shop (A place to find projects that don't fit in the above shelves. Mostly knife making and such)

Tool Shelf (A place to go over the tools I use in my many projects. It also includes a volume on shop safety, PLEASE READ.)

Heraldry (A place for resources for field heralds)

Inter Library Exchange ("Links" to other web sites of interest to the S.C.A.)

The middle aged Don looks up from his work and sees you taking notes.......................

"Why don't you good folks, check back a little later on. I should have some more volumes  up on the shelves in the weeks to come.

Contact the librarian via e-mail.