"Modern materials, techniques, etc. are allowed if they produce a period effect."

(Page 11, of the rule booklet for the 2001 Caidan Arts Pentathlon)

This page last updated 01/21/2002

    As this library has developed, it's seems to have become more and more project oriented. Rather try to resist that (unconscious) trend, I will instead start to fill in the details. To that end, these volumes will cover the many the tools that are used. As you will soon see, the shop and some of the tools in it are projects in and of themselves.

Tool Safety (A short document about shop and tool safety, PLEASE READ!)

Shop Tour (This is a walk through my shop. It's not the best shop in the world, but it's mine)

The Forge (This volume covers the construction of my home made forge)

The New Bench (This volume  covers the construction of a new sturdy bench for my shop)

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