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Site Last Updated 11/17/2009

    Welcome to my virtual work shop on the web. If you have come to this site looking for information on SCA Archery, Rapier and other SCA activities, Please Follow This Link, to my SCA Library. All of that material can still be found there. This site is just being rearranged to emphasize my efforts as a Bladesmith over the past couple of years.

    For everyone else, welcome once again. This site is dedicated to the art of the hand forged blade. Here you will find my knives, how-to articles for beginning bladesmiths and information on the tools I use. Also, because I am basing my knives on historic styles and patterns, I will be adding discussions of knife history from time to time. Some of the knives shown on this site are in stock and for sale. If you are interested in purchasing any of my knives, please email me for details. Other images are past efforts to give the viewer an idea of where I have come from in the art. The links directly below will take you to my knives.

New Arrivals Check here to see what the latest updates to the site are.

Photo Album Photos of Knives (forks, spoons, axes and someday maybe swords) currently available, work in progress and past works.

Videos for Sale In partnership with the Kelgin Custom Knife Makers Cop-Op, Hagerson Forge offers these How-To videos on knife making.

Forge Journal  A place for me to share my thoughts or progress on any current projects (that don't get a page of their own). I'll also be posting any up coming events that I'm planning of attending. It will also serve as place for you the reader, to post your comments. 

Shows and Demos  I sometimes do demos, teaching and display events. Find photos and reports from these events here.

    The next  section of links are directed to those that want to make their own knives, or for the collector who just wants to know how it is done. Here you will find information on tools and tool safety along with articles covering some of the techniques I use. If you wish to try your own hand at knife making, (I can't stress this enough) please read the piece on tool safety first.

Tool Shelf  A place to go over the tools I use in my many projects.

Tool Safety A short document about shop and tool safety, PLEASE READ before attempting any of the projects found here!

The Forge This page covers the construction of my home made gas forge

Forging a Welded Cable Billet Sometimes, incorrectly call Cable Damascus

Forging a Spoon This page is based on instructions from a  class handout, written for the SCA's Estrella war. It calls for a mild steel spoon, but you can make it from welded cable like the billet created in the project above.

Forging an Eating Knife I made my first one from welded cable. But you can make it from High Carbon Steel or any other knife making alloy

Forging a Welded Cable Dagger The knife shown in this project was donated to a fund raising raffle at an SCA event.

Forging San Mai Japanese Chefs Knives The knives shown in this project were donated to fund raising raffles at two SCA events, Heatherwyne Anniversary and the CP Prize Tourney for 2004.

Forging a Pattern Welded Blacksmith Knife This shows how I make my pattern welded blacksmith knives. Something that started out as a demo piece and has become one of my most popular styles. Consider this page an extension of the demos I do from time to time.

Knife Related Links Some of these links will be repeats of what's in my SCA section. But these are limited to knife related topics.

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