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Stepping outside , you notice a small out building out around back. It looks 
like some sort of small cramped workshop. Above the door, you see a sign that says,
Hagerson Forge

Custom Knives from Historic Patterns

As you step inside, you see balding middle aged man has entered the shop and donned an 
old and much stained apron. He looks up from where he laying out some tools and sees you.

"Why, hello there! I see you have found my work shop. I'm Don Njall Olaf Hagerson also known in real life as Scott B. Jaqua. I'm just starting out as a blacksmith, but Feel free to look around. Currently I'm concentrating on learning and teaching the art of knife making. As you should be able to guess by now, these pages are mostly meant for an SCA audience. They contain a number of how-to articles for historical recreationists that want to recreate the blacksmiths art. However they also include things for the knife collector looking at my work. Why don't you take a look over at that table. You might find some of those books interesting"

Page last updated 01/21/2004

   In the corner of the shop you find a table holding a ratty old photo album and some "how-to" pamphlets.

Photo Album (Photos of projects from the forge shop. Mostly knives and such.)

Tool Safety (A short document about shop and tool safety, PLEASE READ before attempting any of the projects found here!)

The Forge (This volume covers the construction of my home made forge)

Forging a Welded Cable Billet (Sometime, incorrectly call Cable Damascus)

Forging a Spoon (Pamphlet is based on instructions from an Estrella war class handout, it calls for a mild steel spoon, but you can make it from welded cable like I did too.)

Forging an Eating Knife (I made mine from welded cable. But you can do it from High Carbon Steel or any other knife making alloy)

Forging a Welded Cable Dagger (Sometime, incorrectly call Cable Damascus)

Demo Report, Festival of the Rose (where we held a blacksmithing demo at Cal-Tech in Pasadena, CA. We have since done other demo's. Please contact the author if you are interested in a demo or classes at your event.)

Combined Class Notes (from the blacksmithing classes I taught as part of the war collegium at the SCA's Estella War in 2003)

Tool Shelf (A place to go over the tools I use in my many projects. Repeats the forge construction and tool safety links on the page. But adds a shop tour and the construction of some other tools. )

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