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Field Heraldry Shelf

This page last Updated 02/02/2002

On this shelf you will find works related to Field Heraldry (at least how it is practiced in Caid). The first works to be posted are more like bound periodicals then library books. For a period of nine months I wrote a column for the Crown Prints (Caid Kingdom news letter). Copies of those nine articles can be found below. They cover most everything I know about being a field Herald. Also found on this shelf are scrolls containing the final round litanies for Caidan Crown Tournament and Queens Champion Tournament. It was my pleasure to pen these ceremonies during my two terms as Bellows Pursuivant herald for Caid.

The Bellowing Breeze series of articles

The Bellowing Breeze (My first article where I plead, nay beg, for more field heralds)

The Bellowing Breeze 2 (Tips and tricks for how to be heard, the art of vocal projection)

The Bellowing Breeze 3 (The filed herald as traffic cop)

The Bellowing Breeze 4 (The art of field heraldry, the ceremony)

The Bellowing Breeze 5 (Court events and how to set up and make you presentation)

The Bellowing Breeze 6 (All about doing camp cries at war)

The Bellowing Breeze 7 (How to setup and run the field heraldry at a tournament)

The Bellowing Breeze 8 (All about volunteers)

The Bellowing Breeze 9 (My last article,  how to go about the task of teaching)

Final round litanies for kingdom events

Crown Tournament

Queens Champion, Boffers

Queen Champion, Heavy Weapons

Queens Champion, Light Weapons

Queens Champion, Rapier

General Heraldry Documents

Field Heraldry Cheat Sheet

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